March 23, 2012

Q & A with Ostwald Helgason

Ostwald Helgason

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Meet the newest brand to pop up on our M’O monitors: Ostwald Helgason.  Metallic tops, stripey separates, chunky knits and prints and patterns galore, the London-based brand’s newest collection was made for today’s fashion-forward girl about town.  M’O caught up with Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason, the design duo behind our new favorite brand, to find out what makes them tick!

Moda Operandi: We love the colorful and youthful vibe of the brand!  Is there a particular kind of girl you design for?

Susanne Ostwald & Ingvar Helgason: She is definitely fearless, fun and curious about the world around her…

MO: Do you both draw inspiration from the same places? If not, how do you collaborate so that each collection is representative of your individual personalities?

OH: We work as a team on the overall look of the collection. Individually, Susanne takes inspiration from fine art and Ingvar from new technology, combining hi-tech fabrics with beautiful colours and prints.

MO: Do you have a favorite decade in terms of fashion?

OH: Throughout history there have always been interesting things going in fashion… but in terms of our favourite decade we would have to say now as it seems anything is possible!

MO: Are any of your inspirations taken from your hometowns in Iceland and Germany?

OH: There might be an underlying Nordic aesthetic to our designs but we wouldn’t say there are any direct references to Iceland or Germany. One of our main influences comes from living and working in London, and being surrounded by this multi-cultural city.

MO: Was there one “magic moment” when you saw someone wearing one of your designs or had an amazing show or great feedback or anything in particular that continues to push you forward?

OH: The reaction after our AW’12 presentation at Milk Studios was amazing! We love working in this industry so getting a positive reaction really is the icing on the cake for us! Getting the chance to work with amazing people has also made this season extra special…

MO: How would you describe the brand in five or less words?

OH: Effortless, modern, playful and textured.

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